Happy Pappies Papillons consist of imported English International Champions and AKC Champions and International Champions. The Pedigrees that come from my dogs used for breeding delineate their Champion English and American Bloodlines. Since I am a hobby breeder, I pay special attention to the "English Face which is particularly beautiful, as you will see with Rughar P Sunmaid, Papi Apogee Peltry, Happy Pappies Apogee's Phoenix, and Apogee's Summit. Their Champion English faces are the most noble I've seen.

I also have the playful American Champion Faces that are winsome and cute like the 1999 Best in Show at Madison Square Gardens "Kirby" Loteki's Supernatural Being. See Happy Pappies Sunlit Orange Prancing and Happy Pappies Tiny Dancer Prancing . When you look at the pedigrees, you will see the Kennels are the top older kennels where all these English Dogs came from.

The Papillons I am showing now are of the more American look. But I still have the Champion Bred English Bloodlines in Stock. Most of my puppies now run between 3 1/2 and 6 lbs and are fine boned. Good Show Dogs. I Will not be breeding my future Champion Happy Pappies Tiny Dance Prancing Bella) as she is just a hair over 3 pounds.

I will be breeding he sister Bambi , Happy Pappies Sunlit Orange Prancing, and their Mother, Monarch's Leilani, one more time before I find her a retirement home. The pedigrees I have showing the international and AKC Champions in my dogs backgrounds can be researched even farther back to show an unbroken line of beautiful English Style and American.

Happy, Prancing, and High spirited Dogs, Papillons are a very special breed and when you own one, you will fall in love forever.

The Papillons I breed are known for their confirmation and character. They are registered AKC with champion bloodlines, with both English and American lines. Some of my papillons are very small and cannot be bred but are great as little pets as long as they spend most of their time inside and there are no children under eight.

All colors, sizes, and ages are available and are guaranteed against congenital defects. A contract is provided along with a shot record, regular wormings and a vet check. If anything should go wrong within a year of owning the dog, you will receive another puppy or dog as long as the proper documentation from a vet or aurtopsy is provided.

As you page through my website, you will see not only dogs that I have owned and championed, but also other dogs from my line that were sold as pets or championed.

Please contact me at 573-204-3579 or email me at leslie.goudy @yahoo.com.




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